Terms and Conditions

Jyothy Information Service is an institution only making arrangements of the jobs to the Job Seekers.


The agency Jyothy Information Service is not doing the employment in final, but in the authority of the establishment providing jobs.


Sometimes the job seekers will have to travel more than once in connecting with the job, we are not responsible for the expenses and difficulties arising thereof.


We have the right to exempt the candidates from the job at anytime on unsatisfactory reasons.


In the event of Job Seekers were sent to any institutions for the job and not getting the job by any reasons whatsoever the matter would have to be informed to us within 24 hours.


If the candidate failed in the interview, we have the right to excempt the candidate from the said job.


In the event of not getting the job, the candidate would get the balance deducting 30% of the service charges except Registration frees, bus fare, advertisement charges. The said amount can be received on such date we mention after 45 days.


The Jyothy Information Service is not responsible for not getting the specified salary on account of the inefficiecy of the candidates.


The candidate and the guardian should have to enquire about the security and other such matters relating to the establishment of the job before accepting the job and the guardian may allow the candidate to enter the job on their own interest.


Manage the things only by guardian and the candidateafter entering the job.


The fees paid to the Jyothy Information Service will not be refunded in the event of giving upto the job by the candidate himself.